Install Opencart on cPanel

In this article I am going to explain the best and simplest way to Install Opencart on cPanel.
Opencart is one of the most popular, open source e-commerce platform developed in PHP & MySql, for merchants to start their business online.
Many plugins and templates are available to extend the Opencart functionality.

┬áNow let’s start the process to

Install Opencart on cPanel

Step 1. Login to your cPanel account using credential provided by your hosting provider.
Step 2. After successful login you will be redirected to cPanel dashboard page.
Step 3. Now navigate to Software section of cPanel.

Step 4. In software section click on Softaculous App Installer link.
Step 5. Clicking on that link will redirect you to Softaculous App page.
Step 6. From left sidebar menu of Softaculous App page, click on E-Commerce link, which will open a dropdown menu with links to several e-commerce application.
Step 7. From that dropdown, select Opencart link.

Step 8. When you click on that link, it will redirect you to Opencart details page.
Step 9. On detail page of Opencart, you will find a button with text “Install Now“.
Step 10. Clicking on “Install Now” button will show you a page with textboxes where we have to fill the details of Opencart site.
Step 11. First dropdown will ask about the Opencart version(If multiple versions are available).

Step 12. From second dropdown, select the protocol you want to use with your url (I prefer “http://www”).
Step 13. From third dropdown, select the domain name on which you wants to host the Opencart.
Step 14. After that it will ask whether you want to install Opencart in main directory or any sub directory, If you want to host it in main directory, then remove the text from “In Directory” textbox.
Step 15. Next section contains textboxes about Store Name, Description and related info, fill details according to your store settings.

Step 16. Next section contains details of login and admin user interface, you have to choose the username and password wisely for future login and security purposes.
Step 17. After filling these values click on “Install” button.

Step 18. It will take few seconds to complete the installation process and after completion, it will show you URL of your store and admin section.
Step 19. You can verify the successful installation of Opencart by visiting the URL.
That’s all steps you have to follow to Install Opencart on Cpanel.

Watch this video for complete live demo of Install Opencart on Cpanel.

If you have any problem regarding installation or customisation of Opencart, just ask it on our Ask Question page.